Monthly Archives: June 2012

Stuck in the Middle of Nowhere with a Broken Hood Latch

“All you have to do, is believe that your car has a soul.”

That was the advice we were given, when fellow comedian Daryl Moon, and I were stuck in the middle of our road trip thru the Michigan Upper Peninsula. We pulled over to gas up, and after checking the oil, Daryl discovered that he was unable to re-latch the hood of his car.

The last thing we needed was to be stranded in the middle of the Michigan Upper Peninsula. Don’t get me wrong- it’s beautiful country up there. I just don’t like being stuck in an area where the people believe their cars have souls. Not to mention, even if we survived the wilds of the northwoods, Moon and I probably would have killed each other before making it to safety.

However, I do have to hand to good old “Uncle Beanbag” for his MacGuyver-like skills. Check out this video and learn a very creative way to secure a broken hood latch…

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