Wake & Bake #89 “What I Learned During The Holidays”

Back from the holiday break, I check in with Stone & Double T for the 1st Wake & Bake episode of 2014.

  • Double T reveals the insight he gained about JerDog from their appearance in Garden Prairie
  • Why the holidays are annoying to J.D.
  • Why J.D. is bothered by the post office closing
  • Stone reveals what it will actually take to get him to a JerDog Comedy Night
  • How building a fire in your fire-place will turn the rest of your house into Siberia
  • Why J.D. should have consulted with his wife on Christmas Eve
  • Why J.D.’s grandmother only gives gifts to the youngest kids in the family
  • What J.D. said to his 10-year-old son who was disappointed with his Christmas gifts
  • Where J.D. should have spent the holidays this year
  • How J.D. can tell the holidays are over



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