VIDEO BLOG: JerDog vs Heckler “Shut The F##k Up!”

I was performing a late show for about 15 people at a bar and grill in small town, Iowa. It was a fun little group, but one lady would just not shut the fuck up. I like a little audience interaction. It can make the show more interesting and engaging overall… but it’s like I say in this video… there’s a difference between the audience interacting with the show and the audience completely taking over the show.



You tell me… did I handle this well?

Please leave a comment below.

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  1. I think you handled it just. I think you should have pissed her off more. Its always fun pissing off stupid drunks. Hope to see you back at Jims Knoxville Tap in Milan, Ill. sometime.

  2. I think the first part, with her fact-checking you on the height of your 11 year-old needs to be separated, clipped-out and put on your site. It cracked the fuck out of me. The rest of it was funny too, of course. You handled it like Yoda would, very effectively !

  3. Great work. Hecklers need to be put in their place, and she was CLEARLY heckling. The fact that you offered to buy her a drink put you beyond the call of duty, in my book.

  4. Dog…. ya handled it! I hate to judge someone I don’t know. A little appropriate heckling that fits in with the show and gets a laugh from the crowd is one thing but based on what I seen she was being a attention whore and disrupting your act and not contributing or enhancing the show. I would of handed her the mic and told her I was going to take a piss and get a drink and tell her to have at it and instruct the audience to be free to heckle the fuck out of her and you’ll be back in a minute. I heard her say she had sick kids at home what the fuck is she doing in the bar drunk!!! I feel sorry for her and her kids and hope she straightens her shit out before its too late. – Just sayin’ – Keep up the good work! Shaky

  5. Yes, I agree with all that. I offered to buy her a drink because my policy is always take the high road. Some might say that is rewarding bad behavior, and maybe it is. But the audience will see how unaffected I am by someone disrupting the show. And you know by the end, she did admit that she was being rude. So it all worked out. Heckling only bothers me to the degree that it bothers the rest of the crowd. I never take it personally, and although I will escalate, I never lose my temper unless it’s a calculated move. Too many comedians either completely supplicate to the audience and let them take over, losing their respect in the process. Or the other extreme… they completely get derailed from their set, flip out, and let their emotions get the best of them. I try to play the middle ground by holding my own without getting angry or hostile.

  6. This is why they’ll never take are guns away from us.

  7. Hey man, I think you did pretty darn well! You didn’t lose it, walk off the stage, you bought the woman a drink (“Just one…!”) and you still got your act out and had her to add to it!

    And Hey, you might have been the “tough love” she needs, too! Think of it this way… If she doesn’t remember what she did to piss people off in the morning, now she can just come here for recorded evidence! So, there you have it, a comedian and a therapist, all in one!

    Good luck, God speed, and keep the good times rolling!

    Zach “Fonzie” Winchester

    (P. S. – maybe you could work in some “autocorrect nightmare” stories? Anyone with a smart(ass)phone has them potentially so it would be perfectly relatable to pretty much any audience.)

  8. Hey thanks Zach. I had some disruptive audience members at this last weekend’s show as well… another drunk/retarded/socially unaware attention-whore. I might post that video here soon. We’ll see how it turns out, so stay tuned…

  9. Cool, man. I bet the comedy tour is more fun than Texas Holdem’ with Harold!

    “It’s not enough to be fast, you have to be fast AND accurate!”

    (R.I.P. Harold Johnson)

  10. You handled as well as anyone could. Good job.

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