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The He Said She Said Show Begins!

Awhile back, I had the pleasure of working with a hilarious headliner, Katrina Brown.  She actually drove 18 hours one way through a blizzard to do the gig rather than cancel last minute on the agency that booked it. Had she cancelled, we may never have met, and that would be tragic.

I immediately went to work adding Katrina to my Grassroots Comedy Tour line-up and the reports from venues were phenomenal.  As soon as Tim Pogorelski from Boxcars Pub & Grub described Katrina as “the female version of JerDog,” I knew we had to do something together.  Less than a year later, The He Said She Said Comedy Show was launched and it is getting quite a bit of buzz straight from the start.

Katrina and JerDog On-Air:

Like me, Katrina can be a bit wordy.  And also like me, she is real, honest, and unfiltered. A podcast would be the perfect supplement to our live shows.

So last Friday afternoon, with a couple of hours to kill before the show.  We hung out in a mold-ridden hotel room to record the first of (hopefully) many He Said She Said Comedy Show Companion Podcasts.

We talk about smokers versus non-smokers, the hassles of traveling as a female comedian versus a male comedian, and end with a lengthy discussion about performance philosophy and career direction.

Enjoy the laughs!


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