VIDEO BLOG: “WTF is so offensive about curse words?”

Another “carcast” video blog from the road. This time I’m on my way to a show at Ziggy’s Pub in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin for the 2nd part in The Grassroots Comedy Tour series.

We recently brought our Dirty Jokes & Magic Tricks Show to a corporate Christmas party. And even though they booked a show called “DIRTY Jokes & Magic Tricks,” they asked us to keep it clean by not using the words FUCK or GODDAMN.  In all fairness, I did say both words ONCE.  And I used the word COCKBLOCKER.  The night of the show, the response seemed very positive. They seemed to love me.  After the show buying us drinks and partying it up out in the hotel lobby bar.  But we still got complaints from attendees who were “offended.”  I understand “dirty”… but “offensive”?!


Do people even know what offensiveness really is?  To me, offensiveness is an attack. Most people are not actually OFFENDED. They just don’t LIKE the performer and their point of view.  We’ve all heard those words before, and no one died.  So let’s get down the real heart of the matter.  The fact is- comedy is getting more shocking and “vulgar” because nothing is taboo anymore, and yet everything is taboo nowadays.  Overly- sensitive people will ALWAYS find a reason to complain about being “offended,” no matter what.  It’s a quick, easy way to get attention.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Now, in the situation of a corporate event, I get that not everybody wants to be there. But I still have an obligation to bring my BEST show, and my BEST show doesn’t need to involve cursing, but certainly requires my OPEN, HONEST perspective and point of view.  I’m not there to bullshit the audience and deliver some bland, vanilla, boring-ass routine, so because a few grown adults get butt-hurt over material they don’t like.  And it is always just a few.  Whenever someone at a comedy show complains about the content, they are 100% without a doubt ALWAYS in the extremely tiny (yet extremely loud), gutless minority.  I say “gutless” because they rarely speak up during the show, rarely say anything to the performer after the show, and then later complain to someone or get on social media ranting and raving about how HORRIBLE and OFFENSIVE the comedian was, usually using words and phrases like UNPROFESSIONAL, REPETITIVE, and OVER-THE-TOP.

I’ve never understood how someone can be offended by comedy.  People say “why do you have to use vulgarity” in my act.  And I don’t HAVE TO… I just LIKE TO. Even when I cut out the curse words, I still have a certain attitude, opinion, and point of view that is not going to change. I have found that is what people are actually “offended” by.  They DISAGREE with my point of view, and then they mistake that disagreement for being offended. But nobody’s getting hurt. No one is being attacked.  I’m simply expressing myself using humor. That’s the great thing about comedy- it’s an open forum of self-expression done with the intention of bringing joy to people’s lives by making them laugh. Who can possibly be offended by that?

I’m not going to do fake, phony baloney comedy. I talk about what’s real in my life.  The best stand-up comedy comes from open honesty and sometimes it’s going to be dark. I don’t say things just to be shocking.  If all you have is blue material, you’re dead in the water.  But if I cleaned it up and got on stage deliberately trying to avoid cursing or avoid any controversial or taboo topics, then I would be delivering a watered-down, caricature of myself and it would not be as funny.

That said, I feel very grateful and fortunate to have so many friends and fans around the country who open up their homes to me, cook me meals, brings gifts to the show, and buy me drinks. Last week, I met a guy who lives off the land and brews his own wine. We hung out with him and partied until 4 or 5 in the morning.

My van has just turned over 300K miles. I might celebrate with fireworks in the next video.

P.S.  I mention Redneck Fest and the Doobie-Mobile… Here’s the video from that fucked up day:



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