VIDEO BLOG: Hatin on the Holidays

Hey Ass Clowns!

I’m cold and cranky.

Even though it’s 17 degrees, feels like -1, I still walked my ass down to the library and got it done today. Worked on the comic book, did some writing for the show. Now waiting in the freezing cold for my wife to pick me up for Christmas shopping, which I hate.

I can’t stand there’s a time of year when society says you have to exchange gifts. Just give gifts all year. People wind up just checking each other off a list as they pick up made in China bullshit junk that nobody wants from the mall. Not to mention the generic, Christmas form letter you get from the relatives bragging about all their kids’ so-called accomplishments that year. Lame.

And it’s sub-zero temperatures.  Merry fuckin Christmas.



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