VIDEO BLOG: The show must go on!


Headed to Fort Madison, Iowa for a 90-minute 1-man set at a sports bar. It’s cold, snowy, and windy but the show must go on. Even though it was suggested to cancel for my safety, the show must go on. I’ve been through worse.

You know, people need to take more chances and get out our comfort zones a little more. Stop thinking of all the reasons why something can’t be done or shouldn’t be done. Just get out there and make it happen. Take precautions as needed, but plow ahead and get the job done. Make your dreams happen.

You will have challenges, obstacles, and setbacks. I appreciate every challenge and setback as an essential lesson in my development as a road comic. Most of the time, you can figure out the solution to your problem just by sitting down and thinking about it. Take action and make corrections along the way. If someone put a gun to your head and demanded to come up with 5 possible solutions to the problem, could you? I bet you could.

It’s not always a good time traveling to gigs. Weather conditions aside, the food options are usually limited, it’s difficult to get rest and relaxation in most hotel rooms, and I’m away from friends and family every weekend. Back in the day, the life of a touring stand-up comedian sounded like a dream come true. I’ve realized the journey never ends. I’ve learned the real dream is just enjoying the process along the way. Be present to the moment.

Many people are so goddamn bored they have to invent shit to bitch about. I got that line from a movie. If that’s you… it’s time to challenge yourself. Do something outside your comfort zone. Take on a personal conquest. Put the pressure on. Be present to the moment and open to learning. See what happens.

That’s why laughter is so important. It opens up your mind to be more free-flowing, receptive, and in the moment. Real learning and mental growth can take place.


If one minute of laughter results in 24 hours of boosted immunity, just one of my shows has you covered for 3 months!

I love doing stand-up comedy because I’m always meeting new and interesting people. I go just about everywhere and have seen and experienced so much that I otherwise wouldn’t have growing up in Small Town, Iowa. So even though sometimes traveling sucks, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Go to a comedy show. There a lots of other talented comedians on the road week after week with super sharp material. Get the positive vibes going in your community. Plow ahead and push through. That’s where happiness lies.

You want to get laid?  Take your woman to a comedy show for a date night.  Get her laughing her ass off.  She’ll fuck your brains out.  Trust me.



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