How To NEVER Have a Bad Show… EVER

Last weekend, we had a show that overall went well. But the magic was missing. I wasn’t quite feeling the energy that is usually present at one of these events.

There were several reasons for this…

… there was a birthday party happening in the venue that night.

… there was not a cover or admission charge, meaning people were able to get in for free, so they had no vested interest in the show

… many folks didn’t even know what was happening, they were just out for a night of dinner and drinks.

So there were only a few people even paying attention to begin with. Meanwhile, tons of commotion and table talk throughout the bar. It was very distracting, not only for us as performers, but also for the folks in the crowd. Many of them actually were in to the show, it was just difficult to hear and pay attention to. Those people are what I would call the real “audience.” Every one else was part of the crowd, for sure, and could potentially be won over and join the audience.

After the show, I mentioned I felt the show wasn’t quite as good as it could have been. My co-star reminded me of some very true road comic wisdom. Always have fun. If you have fun, they’ll have fun with you, and you’ll never have a bad show.

We’re often told there is no such thing as a bad crowd, only a bad performer. WTF?! If you’ve been in show business long enough, you’ll realize there is indeed such a thing as a bad crowd. If you can give them credit for being a good crowd, you can give them the blame for being a bad crowd.

However, the key to NEVER having a bad show is to ALWAYS have fun. Even if it’s a shitty crowd- HAVE FUN. Play to the people who are into what you’re doing. Win over die-hard fans. Polarize the room with crazy shock- value humor. Whatever you do, have fun.

That’s why we got into this business to begin with- because it’s more fun than a day job. Don’t let it get you down.

Always have fun. If you have fun, the audience will have fun with you, and you’ll NEVER have a bad show.

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