How To Handle Haters, PLUS Review of “The Greatest Showman”

I never cater to critics or complainers at a comedy show.  If someone really feels they did not get their money’s worth, I will gladly give them a full refund.  However, I ain’t changing anything in my act just because someone in the audience had a problem with some of the material.

Most people who complain are miserable assholes, who should not be catered to.  You’re only encouraging more of that behavior.  It’s enabling the asshole to continue being an asshole.  And that doesn’t help anybody.

In this video blog (originally recorded live on my Facebook page), I go into WHY I never cater to critics and complainers at my comedy shows.  I also dive into a complaint of my own, expressing huge disappointment over the P.T. Barnum movie, “The Greatest Showman.”

Here is the HIGHLIGHTS from my latest 4:20 Report live video.  Scroll down for the full video.




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