Comedy is Supposed to be FUN! Not This Depressing P.C. Bullshit

I recently told a comedian I work with “Have fun at the gig.”

He replied, “Wow. It’s been a long time since someone said THAT to me. I’m usually the one reminding everybody the whole point is to have fun.”

Over the last couple of months, in conversations at shows, I’ve been shocked by the number of comedians, comedy promoters, and club managers that seem to have forgotten that is supposed to be FUN!

What’s happening? What’s the problem?

Back when I first started, doing comedy was a non-stop party. Now, it seems like you can either be “professional” or “have fun as an artist.”

I say it’s possible to do both. You don’t have to choose.

Stand-up comedy is a true FREE ENTERPRISE, (maybe one of the last ones in this country) where you get hired and paid based on the results you deliver and the value you add. And with modern technology, you no longer need to rely on competing with other performers for the few available spots on TV in order to build a following.


This shit should be more fun and exciting than ever!

But damn near every show I’m on lately, the comics, bookers, and club managers seem to be in a weird state of masked depression. A smile on their face, while they complain about lack of gigs, lack of opportunity, lack of available talent, sensitive subject matter, industry politics, etc. etc.

What are most people missing in their lives? Excitement! Fun! Positive energy!

As comedians it’s our job to deliver that shit. Give people what they are desperately wanting and needing- a fun night out to escape the bullshit of real life.

It’s easy to self-promote when the goal is to GIVE the audience a GREAT TIME and you can deliver the goods.

It’s easy to handle hecklers when you come from a frame of HAVING FUN.

It’s easy to get gigs when you make the process enjoyable for show producers and managers.

Comedy is only difficult when you bring your depressing, low vibration energy and behavior into a show- no matter what side of the stage you’re on.


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