We All Need to Grow a Pair! Why Are Kids So Sheltered These Days?

Today my kids’ school preemptively cancelled classes because of a predicted snow storm, that turned out to be relatively mild, which prompted this rant on my Facebook Live video blog.  Hit me up with a FRIEND REQUEST here.

I was already irritated because they called at 5:00 in the A.M.  so please keep that in mind as you make your way through this.

My wife and I both work from home- (her on a post-par tum support business and me working on my comedy content, writing, and promotion), which I’m grateful we can adapt, but what about the parents who now have to suddenly scramble to find last-minute child-care.

Back in my day, there were hardly any pre-emptive cancellations, disclaimers, safety warnings, or regulations.  You were just expected to NOT be a dumb-shit.

Which I totally am.



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