How A Comedian Problem-Solves | The 4:20 Report

The Magnificent Return of The 420 Report!

I had a lot of people send me messages or just tell me verbally in person at shows how much they missed that I came on here live every day at 4:20pm to do The 420 Report.

So now, I plan to do this now at 3:20pm Central Time (4:20 pm eastern time). It’s always for 20 somewhere, right?

I think this is a good time to do it because people are waiting to pick up their kids. They’re just getting off work. They’re just wrapping up work. If you work second shift, maybe you are just going into work.  Whatever the case may be, it’s also a good time for me to sit down and do this.

And I also want to make these into a podcast of the highlights because a lot of times I say stupid shit on here. I sound like a complete jackass. That’s probably part of the reason why you join in every day.

I will do a live video blog on the weekends “From The Green Room” because those are pretty fun as well. When I’m out and about on the road and going to all these different places that I go to.

But I had to quit doing them at 4:20pm central time. Because this place is just a zoo. My wife is getting home with the kids. They’re running around like fucking maniacs. She’s going nuts. And I wasn’t really able to concentrate and give you the full frontal assault verbally that I would like to do on a Facebook Live video blog in order to keep the audience engaged and interested. But when I’ve got all that going on upstairs, it’s very distracting. I had to get up there to help out with that. There’s a lot of errands and need to be ran. There’s a lot of bullshit that needs to take place at that time of day.

So from now on at 4:20 pm eastern time The 4:20 Report returns. And I’ve also got lined up more headliners- Earth’s Mightiest headliners- some of the best road comics that you may or may not have ever heard of that I’m going to have joining me as guests. I really like having a guest callers come on where we talk about the trials and tribulations of traveling the country entertaining alcoholics.

I always come up with this great idea. Then for some reason, it doesn’t fucking work out or runs into complications or there’s some sort of challenges or obstacles or setbacks. And then I’m like, Well, fuck, I’m just not going to do it anymore. I don’t think a little bit and think of maybe another alternate possible solution a plan B, you know, the backup a lot of times you got to have the fucking backup plan this last weekend, I  took Mrs. JerDog with me, Hot Karen, as some of you know, out on the road. She doesn’t get the chance to do that very much.

But plans on the road never go as anticipated. There’s always traffic there’s always construction. There’s always something that happens when you’re out there traveling that you don’t expect the only thing to expect us to expect the unexpected. You’re going to get to the gig late… there’s going to be some you know, piece of sound equipment that doesn’t fucking work right. And then you got to go find a nearby Guitar Center in order to replace the cable or the cord, whatever the case may be.  In other words, whatever can go wrong will go wrong. When you’re out there out on the road, man, you’ll get a fucking flat tire. I’ll run out of gas two miles from the exit. Just because I’m not paying attention to the gas gauge. Trust me, that’s happened more times then I’d like to admit,… but there’s always something that goes wrong, whatever can go wrong will go wrong.

You’ve always got to have a plan B, there’s always got to be a backup. There’s always got to be another alternate solution in order to be able to do the thing that it is that you’d like to do and want to do and accomplish the fucking mission.

And that’s what I’m setting out today to do-  accomplish the fucking mission!

I haven’t been able to hang out with you every afternoon, with The 4:20 Report daily live video blog… and the solution was just making an hour earlier plan for 4:20 pm eastern time!

And that shit always happens to me. I go nuts. I feel bad about it. And then all of a sudden I just wake up and rhe solution presents itself. It’s like when I quit worrying about it, when I quit racking my brain… to try to solve the problem… and just out of nowhere- you know, I’ll just be on my hike, or I’ll be traveling back from a gig or whatever. It’s just like inspiration.

Dog bless America!

Download the Podcast MP3 —> CLICK HERE


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