Story About Opening For Gallagher & The Pros & Cons of Hecklers | The 4:20 Report

Cracking open a bottle of Allagash Belgian-style wheat beer from Portland, Maine and launching into several off-the-cuff stories and rants

…about everything from robo-dialing politicians…

…to the story of my mini-van almost blowing up while driving over the Missisippi River bridge…

…how you can grab a FREE copy of my comedy CD ‘Totally Baked’ (link in the comments below)…

….the night I opened for Gallagher and he called out the local amateur comedian for bombing (link in the comments below)…

…and why I am equally annoyed by and appreciative of hecklers at my shows.

Get a FREE copy of my CD!

“Gallagher Heckles Amatuer Comedian”

Download the MP3 Podcast —>  HIT, TAP, or CLICK HERE




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