My Wish For 2019 | The 4:20 Report

My wish for 2019 is to stop the complaining, stop the whining, stop the bickering, and the bullshit on social media. The verbal one-upmanship, battle of wits… which, really all it does is create wedges in personal relationships.

I very rarely see two people become better friends because they had an argument on social media. I get that you want to express yourself but you don’t have to take on every battle. We don’t have to fucking argue and bicker so much.. you know… enough with the political bullshit.

Yeah, changes do need to be made. I get it. But just be the change you want to see happen. Just because you want to see that change happen, doesn’t mean that’s the kind of difference that needs made in somebody else’s life. Maybe they want their life is to be the way it is. Maybe they’re happy with it.  Maybe they’ve got their own differences and changes they want to make. You do that different thing for you, you know.  Let other people do the different things for them.  Whatever the change you want to see made, you just be that change.

If everybody just swept their own front porch the whole world would be clean.

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