Big Crowd vs. Small Crowd | The 4:20 Report

It’s one of those weird dynamics of performing where… of course we all want as big of a crowd as humanly possible. You know, you want to get that ticket money coming in. You want that energy that comes from the crowd. As they say, the more energy they give you, the more energy you can give back… and it’s just a better show for everybody.
But there’s just something very satisfying about taking a crowd of a dozen to 20 people and really just making them laugh their fucking asses off for an hour straight. Where you’re not just feeding off the energy the crowd and just playing on the numbers of the size of the crowd.
You actually have to make a connection with those 10 to 20 people right then and there. Make it intimate. You’ve got to make them your friends. That’s a whole other skill set. And when you can do it, it feels pretty good.



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