Doing Comedy With My Dad | The 4:20 Report

Showing off a photo I have from 1996 in a Comedy Wild West Show with my dad playing the sheriff, while I was playing the dim-witted deputy.

And we were a hell of a comedy team back then.

Adding to the comedy was the extra visual element, in that, I was tall and skinny, and my dad was a little bit shorter with a big old belly sticking out there. He used to bump up against me. And so that was fun for a little bit of physical comedy. But we also looked alike like. We had damn near the same beard.

And so it was a very, very just the two of us out there on stage.

Plus, the chemistry between us with him playing the straight man and me playing the smart-ass was already somewhat natural to our relationship anyway.

Download the MP3 Podcast – Click Here


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