I Was Not The Class Clown, But I Once Opened For Him


I messed around in school, for sure did a lot of dumb pranks got in trouble for a lot of bullshit. The usual run of the mill stuff, skipping class, you know, in general, fucking round my friends. But in my day, you know, I don’t even remember who the class clown really was.

In my day, all my friends were funny. We were just all funny. We all cracked each other up all the time. I think that’s something that is missing as we get older. People start to sort of lose their sense of humor, they start to lose their ability to just get silly and goofy with their friends.

But even now, as a touring stand-up comedian, I don’t always like to be the guy doing the act. I don’t like to be the guy on stage all the time. I don’t always need all the attention 24 hours a day. Some comedians are like that. Some comedians are 100% total attention-whores, and they can’t stand anybody else being the center of attention. I’m not like that, man.

You know, let me sit back. Let me just hang. If something funny comes up, I’ll blurt it out in natural, organic conversation, but I’m not gonna fucking run around at all the parties and all the social gatherings I’m at doing a Fozzie Bear waka-waka-waka routine.

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