Grassroots Comedy Tour Bar Owners Mastermind

GRASSROOTS COMEDY TOUR Bar Owners Mastermind Tele-Conference

September 3, 2013   9:00 a.m.  

 Moderator: Jeremy “Jer-Dog” Danley

On the call

  •  Kelly Taylor (marketing director) Blue Fusion Entertainment Center; Marion, OH
  •  Donnie Gorbett (owner) Double D’s Bar and The Palace Theatre; Edinburg, IL
  •  Tim Pogorelski (owner) Boxcars Pub & Grub; Clinton, WI


Kelly mentions that during the summer it’s slower, because the summer is so nice.  March was the last busy Comedy Night.

They do different give-aways on Facebook and Twitter

Discounts and FREE tickets- people they give tickets to don’t show up

She wants to know what direction they should go into to promote the show

One of their managers goes out with a cordless mic- “the person with the next strike will receive a free”

JD suggests giving away a prize that can only be earned by actually attending the show

Donnie from The Palace Theatre mentions giving away a 32” flat screen TV and the customers have to stay until midnight to win the TV.  Every hour they get another ticket.  So if they come in around 7pm, they can get 4 or 5 chances to win the TV

Started a VIP club- table tents instructs customers to text their name- “I want to be a VIP”-

Kelly uses monthly emails and will be looking into text messaging

JD suggests as a way to begin experimenting with text message marketing

(NOTE: I made a mistake.  Call Loop is not free.  It requires purchasing credits, but they are very cheap.)

Donnie- sent out a text msg to VIP’s “text back- I want FREE tickets” and got 40 responses in return

They also give away Cardinals tickets as an incentive to come to their events

Tim P joins the call

Tim talks about his VIP program, gives the customers a punch card they keep to use to redeem for free appetizers and discounted drinks.  VIP’s also get special reserved seating as long as they are there at least 15 minutes before show time.

JD explains bundling the tickets of all the shows together (like a season pass) for a discount or incentive.

JD suggests to Kelly selling a package that includes all 3 remaining shows for a discounted price with some extra bonuses.

Special seating adds value without costing anything

Donnie mentions the comedy shows are working for him.  With national acts, he’s had trouble making money.  But with comedy, he’s making money.  He joined the call just to get some ideas

Donnie mentions the attendance on the 2nd show was a little light, but they came back to see Sonya White and are averaging 70-80 people per show, even in the summer

Donnie gets his staff involved by creating a contest giving away $50 or $100.

Tim P does the same thing giving away a gift certificate

Donnie and Tim both agree that it’s a great way to get extra tickets sold

Tim P mentions that once they have the VIP tickets available, they sell out quick to the regular attendees of Comedy Night.  But getting new people coming to comedy night is his challenge.

He uses a questionnaire to segment his list based on their individual interests.

Tim says that one of the obstacles with staff contests is if one waitress sees that another one is way ahead- they kind of give up

Donnie suggests not letting them know what the current tally is and motivates the staff by constantly mentioning how close they all are in sales.

JD mentions again as a way to use text messaging for free and as a way to segment his customer list based on their interests by using different codes

(Again, I made a mistake.  It’s not totally free.  Sending messages requires credits, but they are very cheap to purchase)

Donnie jumps off the call

Tim reinforces that they also keep their Comedy Nights seasonal, as a way to build anticipation and keeps them wanting more.

Tim says its helpful to serve drinks by using bright orange or bright yellow “order forms” on the table that people can fill out to give to waitresses to order food and drinks without disrupting the show

Kelly mentions that although Blue Fusion caters to all ages… the comedy night is marketed to the older crowd 20-40’s.

Tim says he’s working with the same demographic, because they have a more disposable income and they spend $25-$50 for Comedy Nights

Kelly would like to get more of a college crowd

Kelly says they are trying to get their name out there more, but is limited by their budget to do that.

Tim asks if there is a student center at the college and suggests putting flyers up there offering a special for college kids- “show your student ID for a discount or free appetizer or something like that”

<<< Line is broken up >>>

JD mentions that college kids are highly motivated by anything free, especially food.  So use it as “bait” to get them to sign up for promotions

The easiest and most cost effective people to market to are the ones who opt into your list

JD mentions that sometimes college kids think they are comedians, so it can be a difficult crowd to reach, so use YouTube videos on Facebook as exposure for the upcoming shows.  People like to know in advance what kind of show they’re getting for their money

Tim drops off the call

Kelly mentions that when they put music or videos on facebook, it doesn’t get much acknowledgement

JD suggests using existing video screens at Blue Fusion to promote the comedy night, even with the volume down, you can use a video with text on the screen to help promote the next event… Leaving it on mute won’t disturb the atmosphere, but can be an in-house commercial- an indoor electronic billboard

JD offers to create a video montage of the upcoming comedians for them

Reminds Kelly to look into

JD offers a monthly mastermind conference to help tweak and refine the process of promoting Comedy Nights



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