Heckled By The Owner of a Gay Bar

Two things made this situation a real challenge for me…

#1.  The heckler was the owner of the club.  In other words, the guy responsible for paying me.  I worried that if I hit him too hard with comebacks, maybe he would get pissed off or embarrassed and I wouldn’t get paid.

#2. The heckler was GAY!  Meaning, I couldn’t really use my usual go-to move whenever I get heckled by a dude, which is to question their sexual orientation.  Sometimes, I’ll say something like, “You should go on the road with me.. Not because you’re funny, but you’ve got a big mouth, you can blow me after the show.”  That was NOT going to work in this situation.  Hell, he might have take me up on that offer.

What I found the most hilarious was how after the show he busted in on me in the dressing room backstage with his partner/lawyer, to apologize.  THEN… the next day I received a very bizarre voice mail, explaining himself, apologizing some more, and inviting me back to perform.

So all in all, it turned out to be pretty fun overall.

But what do you think?

Did I handle it well?

What would you have done?

Leave a comment below….


What do you think?

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