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Radio Interview with JerDog and Katrina:

“A Battle of the Sexes That Will Have You Laughing Your Ass Off!”

JEREMY DANLEY… “The Mighty JerDog” has been fired from over 20 “real” jobs, kicked out of college, and once thrown off The Bob & Tom Show.  He uses characters, voices, and sound effects as he talks about the ridiculous stuff that can happen when you try to be a stay-at-home dad, family man, and party-animal comedian.

KATRINA BROWN … “The Mutant Queen of Comedy”is a loud personality that has no filter when it comes to keeping it real, relatable, and honest.  As the proud mother of 2 children and married to a “sasquatch,” Katrina’s experiences as a wife, mother, aging woman, and pop culture junkie keeps the audience in stitches.



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