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A Comic’s Most Precious Inventory and Why I Book 100 Nights A Year

I shot this video blog on my way to pick up my son from kindergarten. I’m taking this weekend off. I try take a weekend off every 3 or 4 months. Otherwise, I’m on the road over 100 nights a year doing gigs.

Someone called me a “workaholic” last weekend. Which I thought was hilarious.

Are you kidding me? I try to AVOID work as much as possible.

I put in maybe 4 hours a day working on the business of comedy- returning calls, texts, and emails, writing material, producing videos, promoting upcoming shows, etc. Otherwise, I spend 2 or 3 days every week actually doing shows. I always try to have a project going. I think that’s very important for anyone in any business in order to expand.

I am VERY GUARDED MY TIME that is for sure. I get about 6:30 or 7 every morning. I make breakfast for my two boys and get them off to school. Then from about 830 to 1130 every morning, I’m going through a very easy, relaxed, yet effective routine. I do some meditation, I write down my goals, I go on a walk and/or work-out, I get some reading and writing done. That’s pretty much my morning.

Then, it’s on to an afternoon filled with taking care of the BUSINESS of comedy. But like I said, I invest maybe 4 hours a day during the week into that. And it’s fun to do. I don’t really consider it work at all!

So I think it’s funny when someone calls me a workaholic.

The work is not work. But it’s very important to be disciplined and structured with your time. Especially anyone in show business. A lot of guys don’t understand the importance of your dates on the calendar. A comic’s most precious inventory is the dates on the calendar. And you can’t do them all. You need time off to recharge.

I love having extra time available to me get caught up on household projects, extra creative work handled, and not get burned out.

For me, 100 nights a year on the road is the perfect number for me to stay sharp without getting burned out. That’s pretty much every Friday and Saturday with a few weekends off every few months.

To deliver the product of LIVE COMEDY, we have to be there in person. Which is why it’s important to protective of your time and efficiently productive with your time.

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