The Secret Stash

Welcome to my SECRET STASH of comedy bits.   These include MP3 downloads, videos, prank calls, and radio bits.

Enjoy the laughs!

“The Tranquilizer”

First up  in the SECRET STASH is a live recording from a comedy club appearance where I reveal my take on “natural” child-birth.

Download the Mp3


My wife and I only argue when it’s that time of the month.  Hear what I mean by listening to his download from my live routine.

Download the MP3

“The Biggest Jackass in The Room”

Every once in awhile I get someone who feels the need to test my ad-lib game.

Download the MP3

“Why I’m Not A Normal Comedian” radio interview on The Stone & Double T Show (104.9FM, Rockford)

Double T mentions that I’m not a “normal” comedian and I explain why that is.  I also talk about my Las Vegas adventure in this live in-studio radio interview.

Download the MP3


All I did was mention my home town of Colfax, Iowa and someone from the crowd called me a loser.  Which is what prompted this rant.

Download the MP3

  1. just saw him in Jackson, MN…Raunchy and funny!

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