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Contact Highs and Missing Eyebrows (Video Blog/Podcast with Katrina Brown)

JerDog and Katrina Brown from The He Said She Said Comedy Show talk about all things comedy, family, and life on road. In this video blog/podcast, JerDog and Katrina meet up after a gig at The Streeter Center/Ground Zero Club in Traverse City, Michigan for a post-show¬†conversation. They talk about…

  • how their performance styles differ on large stages,
  • why adrenaline is so important to a comedian’s lifestyle
  • Katrina talks about what it’s like to perform after a 20 hour drive and with only one eyebrow
  • ¬†J.D. talks about how smoking pot helps him deal with post-show depression
  • Katrina discusses the difficulty of missing her family, socializing after gigs, and why or why not she drinks on the road
  • J.D. makes the observation that The He Said She Said Comedy Show is becoming a “girls night out” event
  • Why it’s pain in the ass to have a bachelorette party in the audience
  • Katrina talks about how her inner-dork re-surfaced at her high school reunion
  • Katrina reveals the ridiculous shit that happens when she gets a contact high and the hilarity behind the welt on her eyelid.

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