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Stand-Up Decoded with The Legendary Lue Deck |The 4:20 Report

If you are a real fan or student of comedy, you will not want to miss out on this! I never get stage-fright and rarely nervous, but today I’m riddled with anxiety, for more reasons than one… but primarily because this afternoon, I will be talking with Comedy Store legend Lue Deck on my Facebook live video blog #The420Report

Author of the book “Stand-up: Decoded” Lue is a true guru in the comedy world, having been a Comedy Store alum since the 70’s and has the inside stories on just about everyone.

Fresh from his recent appearance in the documentary “I Am Sam Kinison,” Lue goes deep about the joke writing process, his vote for THE greatest comedian of all time, and what really it takes to stay in the comedy game for 40-plus years.

Usually, I get to rant and rave about everything I think is right and wrong with the comedy business. Today I will be listening, taking notes, and trying not to sound like an idiot.

Dog bless America!

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