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Gems From The Audience | The 4:20 Report

It doesn’t always just have to be the guy on stage that has to have all the punch lines. I got 98 to 99% of them, ok?   I can let the funny guy in the fucking front row deliver a couple if they work.  If they’re good, they’re good.

I don’t even consider heckling, even though technically it is.  It is interrupting a show. But it’s an interruption that’s fun. It’s heckling in a fun way.

As long as you’re genuinely contributing and everybody is enjoying what you have to say.

I don’t need to be the only one up there delivering punch lines. I’m delivering 99% of them.  Who am I to say they’re not funny just because they come from somebody in the fucking audience. Those are diamonds in the rough. Those are gifts. Those are gems that the audience gives you.

When you allow it to happen… When you take a step back, relax and you realize that everybody’s there to have a good time.



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