Tide Pods, Lowering the Drinking & Driving Legal Limit, and Other Dumb Sh!t |The 4:20 Report

It’s THROWBACK THURSDAY of a different kind…

I’m not going to SHOW you a photo from the archives or an article or item from my past or anything like that…

Instead, it’s a throwback to a time when we didn’t have warning labels, disclaimers, or stupid rules because of stupid people.  Back in the day, you were just expected to NOT be a dumb-shit.

That’s a tall order in present day times.

You got kids eating detergent just to get LIKES and VIRAL VIEWS!

We got low-level thinking OPPRESSORS trying to lower the legal blood alcohol limit to .05!

Instead of setting rules and regulations… how about inventing something useful, like Uber?? What a godsend Uber is for those of us who make their living in the bar & nightclub industry.

How about creating something that’s actually interesting and entertaining, instead of risking death for laughs and likes by eating detergent??

I don’t watch TV or pay much attention to the news, and that’s why- it’s the level of stupidity is rising and I don’t want that shit wearing off on me!

Whether it’s FOX or CNN- it’s all puke.  The only difference is which puke you agree with.

Get rid of your cable bill and instead re-invest that money to actually go out, be social, and support/enjoy live entertainment.


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